Referral Program

Referral Program

The last update: 2021-09-15 10:56:33 has an easy-to-use referral program that allows you to earn commision. Referral program is permanent, you can get commission from the referee's orders permanently.

How to get referral started?

1. Login to My Account.
2. Go to My Account - Commission - Referral Program - Referral Link to get your personalized referral link.
3. Simply paste your referral link on your e-mail, website banner or just send it to your friends.
4. If a new user sign up an account with us from your referral link, you are automatically marked as referral. Option 2#, a new user enters your username when he/she register. 

 How is the commission calculated?

The referrer will get commission from every order the referee purchases (excluding the shipping fee). And the commission rate varies from different member levels:

Member Level Points Required Commission Rate
Silver 0 3.5%
Golden 3000 3%
Merchant Account 120000 0.12% - 1.2%

*The Member Level refers to the referee's member level.
*Commission= Paid Good Costs * Commission Rate.


How long will it take for me to receive the commission?

If the order won't be deleted, seized by customs, lost, delayed in delivery and any other unexpected thing won't happen, it takes 60 days for the commission to transfer to your account after we ship out the order.

How do I follow my referees and commission?

1. Our system always keeps a record of the number of users you have referred to us. Go to My Account - Commission - My Referees.
2. Our system will also keep a record of the commissions you can get, but the commisions will only appear under your account about 60 days after we ship out the order, only if the order won't be deleted, seized by customs, lost, delay in delivery and other unexpected thing won't happen. Go to My Account - Commission - My Commission.

What to Withdraw the commission?

1. You can withdraw your commission to your account. Please contact our customer service team via livechat or your sales representative.

2. You can also withdraw your commissions to your Deposit account to pay for your orders.
Go to My Account - Commission - Withdraw Commission. It usually takes 2 business days for our financial staff to transfer it.

Important Note:

  1. We hope the referrer to be the one who has true purchasing experience from us, so the referrer must own an active account and purchased from us. A successful referral relationship means both the referrer and referee have shipped orders from CIGBAY.
    2. We will verify the referral relationship after 3 months of the referee registering and acquiring the membership of vshow.
    3. To encourage the referree, we will add 50 points once he/she registers at Please allow 2 business days for us to add after we confirm their referral relationship.
    4. We may have promotion sales on holidays, which may affect the commission.
    5. It is impossible for us to set the referral relationship after registeration.
    6. You can not refer yourself. We consider the referrals who share the same shipping address, similiar registration information as the same user, we reserve the right to cancel the unsuitable referral relationship without notice. If you share the similar information between you and your referrer/referree, please inform us in advance in case we cancel it, once cancelled, it is impossible to get the referral relationship back.
    7. Please subtract the shipping cost when you calculate the commission.