Purchase Guideline

Purchase Guidelines
Arvin / 2015-07-18


Tips: Before you place the order, please register firstly, thanks.



Step 1: Register first and sign in as a VSHOW member for free.


Step 2: Select your favor products and add them into cart.



Step 3: Click “Proceed to Checkout” to enter the next page




Step 4: Parcel(s) weight and shipping fee to your destination will be automatically calculated.


Step 5: Follow the guideline to select the payment method:


Step 6: Click button besides Use the Integral to use the points

Also click button besides Have a coupon code? Validate it here to verify the coupon code.


Step 7: click Place Your Order to Pay with your paypal:



Step 8: Tracking number will be sent to you when parcel is sent out. You may also instantly track the parcel status, by clicking the tracking no. at order tracking page.