About Shopping/

1 .How about the quality of your product?

VSHOW has a systematic and standardized preventive quality control system and a scientific and rigorous traceability system.

The high-quality products built by PNTU undergo a rigorous quality management system. With a series of international standards certifications ssuch as HACCP,QSR820, CGMP, BRC and ISO9001, ,UL8139, CE, RoHS and FCC etc.We have been able to provide high-quality industry services.

 2. Whether your photos are exactly the same with the products?

Most of the photos are shot by our own photographer, and only a few of them are from magazines. 

.Can I change or cancel the items in my paid order?

Yes, you can, as long as it hasn't been shipped yet. Please send email  to :  service@vapehotsale.com 


 About Shipping/

 1. Do you ship to my country? 

We ship orders all over the world.

2 .How much is the shipping cost?

Free shipping for all orders, of course you can pay 10 dollars for express shipping.

3 .How long will it take to receive my order?

It depends on the shipping method you choose. For Free shipping, it usually takes 7-15 working days to arrive(10 days average) and for expedited shipping, 3-7 working days.
Please note the total time = processing time (1-5 days) + shipping time ( this does not include any customs delays, weekends, holiday periods and any unforeseen circumstances.)

4. How can I track my order?

Once the tracking number is available, we will email to inform you, and you can track it online by accessing the website of the relevant delivery company. Please ensure you leave correct email box so that we could contact you. Please allow up to 48 hours for tracking to activate. Or please go to our homepage and find "Order lookup" to check the order status by yourself. 

5. What the delivery company you use?

We have USPS, DHL, UPS, Post service, EMS, FedEx, Aramex, JCEX, etc.


/About Account /

1. How do I register?
We recommend that you use your email address as your username, this makes it much easier to remember. Please make sure that your password is at least 6 characters in length. You can easily create your own Venidress profile by clicking here to register.

2. I did not receive the activation email.

Check your mailbox including your spam folder. If you are still unable to receive the activation email, please contact our Customer Service to resolve this issue.

3. I forgot my password.

If you forgot your password, just click the "Forgot your password?" link on “sign in” Page and we will send you an automated email with information on how to reset your password.

4 .How can I change my password?

Log in to your account. Locate the “Change Password ” option on the left corner and click it to reset your password.

5. What is the difference between the billing address and the shipping address?

The billing address should be the same address you provided to your bank when you applied for your credit/debit card, the shipping address is the one you want us to ship the order to.


 /About Order /

 1 .How do I place my order?

Ordering online from Vapehotsale.com is easy!

When viewing an item, simply select the size, color and quantity needed and then click { ADD TO CART }.

Once you have your desired items in your Bag, simply click the { CHECKOUT } button.

Next, enter any discount coupon codes that you may want to use to discount the price.

Finally, you will be prompted to either sign in to your account or to create a new account and complete the shipping address, shipping method and payment method.

A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address containing the contents of your order!

2. Can I order by phone?

Unfortunately, we do not take orders over the phone at this time. However, you may order directly from our online website on your smartphone.

3. How long can items be stored for in my shopping bag?

The shopping bag your account is linked to will retain its contents up to 30 days. This applies to all customers.

.An item added to my shopping bag was sold out.

The item is only reserved once your purchase is completed during the checkout process. If an item is extremely popular and in limited stock, it might be sold out once you reach the checkout. An item added to your shopping bag is saved for a total of 30 days, however stock availability cannot always be guaranteed. You are therefore encouraged to submit payment as soon as possible.


/About Troubleshooting /

1. What should I do if I can’t charge my device?
A1) Have a check if the charger can work normally;
2) Have a check if the charging cable is normal;
3) Have a check if there is any grime attached to the USB port;
4) Please have a check if the LED indicator on the device is normal during charging, please refer to user manual;
5) If the device has not been used for a long time or has not been charged for a long time after using to the low battery, the battery is over discharged and damaged, and the battery cannot be recovered after charging for 10-15 minutes, please unplug the charging cable.

2 .What should I do if the device doesn’t fire?
A1) Have a check if the fire button is stuck;
2) Have a check if the pod is installed in place;
3) Have a check if the electrodes on the pod and device have any grime;
4) Have a check if the LED indicator is flashing red, red light flashes 3 times to indicate a short circuit, and flashes 10 times to indicate insufficient power; the LED indicator flash blue three times indicates that the coil and the device are disconnected, and a recheck of 1-3 items should be done.
5) The device is damaged.

3 .What should I do if there is a spitting issue?
1) Firstly, check whether the filler plug and coil are installed in place, and check whether the silicone ring on the filler plug and coil is damaged or displaced;
2) Please note that the filler plug cannot be opened too long when filling. If the e-liquid is filled too full, it will cause the e-liquid to overflow;
3) If the issue is not resolved, you can try to shake off the condensation in the chimney several times through mouthpiece and then using it.

4 .What should I do if the flavor is very weak?
1) Check whether the LED indicator of the device is red. The red light indicates that the battery is too low and should be charged in time.
2) The flavor of e-liquid that is being used is weak. It is recommended to try another e-liquid.
3) If the e-liquid is not used for a long time after being filled in the pod, the flavor could be bad, especially for the first few puffs. You can shake off the e-liquid out of the airway before using it, or replacing the e-liquid in the pod.

5 .What should I do if it tastes burnt?
After the coil is burnt, please replace a new pod or a new coil, and it is not recommended to continue to use it.
Usually there are three problems that could cause coil burnt:
1) one is that the coil reaches its maximum lifespan. This is a normal;
2) the other is caused by improper personal use. Such as the new coil is not primed well (usually you needs to wait for 10 minutes after filling when use a new coil for the first time); and if the e-liquid level is below the “MIN” line during use, it will cause coil burnt;
3) in addition, the use of too thick e-liquid can also cause coil burning, and you can replace the e-liquid with a thinner one.


/About R&D /

1 .Can I make my customize logo and packaging or private label?
AYes, please contact us for specific details if you need a logo or custom packaging.

2 .Can you do design for my ideas or drawing?
AYes, we have experienced designers and our own molding factory. According to your requirements, we can design or open mold which has a competitive price.

3 .Do you accept small orders?
AYes, we accept small orders or trial orders to test market demand.

4 .May I get your samples to check the quality first?
AYes, we'd like to offer a sample within 7 days and some samples are free.